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2016 CGU-CMOS Joint Scientific Congress in Frederiction, NB ~ by Janelle Laing

Members of our research group attended the joint Canadian Geophysical Union (CGU) and Canadian Meteorologic and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) annual scientific meeting held in Frederiction, NB, May 29 – June 2, 2016. We had the pleasure of starting off the week by attending the Young Hydrologists Workshop where young and experienced researchers, including our own Genevieve Ali, offered insights on challenges and opportunities for research in Canadian Hydrology and how young scientists might address these opportunities to maximize the impact of their careers. Over the course of the week we attended as many sessions as possible, which included sessions with poster presentations by Sam Bansah, Aminul Haque, Maliheh Rabie, Cody Ross, and myself (Janelle Laing). Genevieve Ali also delivered an engaging (invited) lecture titled “Linking phosphorous export dynamics to landscape heterogeneity and climatic variability: can c-Q relations help?”.

During the final day of the conference, while attending the banquet dinner we were informed that Aminul received the CMOS best poster award! Congratulations Aminul!



Members of our group at the 2016 CGU-CMOS joint meeting (left to right: Janelle Laing, Artin Rabie, Maliheh Rabie, Aminul Haque, Cody Ross, Samuel Bansah – May 31, 2016 – Fredericton, NB)


Maliheh Rabie presenting her poster “Variability of water quality in space and time in a cold, mesoscale, heavily engineered Prairie watershed” (May 31, 2016 – Fredericton, NB)


Cody Ross presenting his poster “Assessment of the relationship between near-surface soil moisture and runoff generation in a near-level Prairie watershed” as part of the hydrology section (May 30, 2016 – Fredericton, NB)


Samuel Bansah presenting his poster “A quick evaluation of water isotopic signatures and water travel times in a cold Canadian Prairie watershed” (May 30, 2016 – Fredericton, NB)



Aminul Haque presenting his poster “Water storage dynamics in geographically isolated wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region” (May 30, 2016 – Fredericton, NB)



Janelle Laing presenting her poster “Plant water usage in a Canadian Prairie context: using stable water isotopes to identify uptake sources” (May 31, 2016 – Fredericton, NB)


Follow the link below for more information on the 2016 joint congress of CMOS and CGU


What does a summer job in hydrology entail? Meet Janelle Laing…

FaceShot_JanelleJanelle, an Environmental Science student at the University of Winnipeg, joined the WSRP in the summer of 2015 as an Ecohydrology Research Assistant to explore whether plants are preferentially utilizing tightly-bound water over free flowing water in various settings. Within a short period of time, Janelle learned a great combination of laboratory and field sampling techniques with the luxury of having her field sites within walking distance. Of course, Janelle also learned that as with any field-based project, one should always expect the unexpected as unforeseen situations may arise that are beyond control (e.g., “unforecasted” rainfall events, malfunctioning equipment and so on). Although frustrating at times, her struggles to sample appropriately sized and aged twigs from trees remains one of Janelle’s more memorable times when reflecting upon her first summer with the WSRP. And like many others, Janelle has appreciated the opportunities to work outdoors and with others in the group. Janelle’s work has continued throughout her studies into 2016 as she used the data collected during her summer work for her Honor’s Thesis.

Interview done and profile written by Jonathon Belanger