Our objective is to foster an exciting and dynamic research program around runoff dynamics and water quality issues in Lake Winnipeg Watershed. We are interested in studying how rivers draining into Lake Winnipeg behave now, and how their future dynamics might change in light of climate variability and human disturbances. Our research projects do not exclusively focus on river water but also on exchanges of water and pollutants between the atmosphere, plants, soils and the aquatic environment. GIS and remote sensing techniques are routinely applied to develop indicators of water transport mechanisms and environmental contamination. Mathematical models are also tested to improve hydrologic predictions.

Dr. Genevieve Ali welcomes inquiries from potential undergraduate and graduate students from various disciplines, especially students with backgrounds in Geology, Physical Geography, Geomatics, Soil Science, Biology, Engineering or Computer Science. Willingness to combine field work, laboratory and computer analysis is required. Previous experience with hydrology, biogeochemistry or modelling is definitely an asset; however appropriate training will be provided to promising and highly motivated candidates. Interested students are encouraged to contact Dr. Genevieve Ali directly (Genevieve.Ali@umanitoba.ca) to discuss available projects, funding opportunities or broad, cross-disciplinary research ideas that they might have.