La Salle River Watershed sampling in spring-summer 2015

Summer students Madison Hutchinson and Laura Blunden have been sampling surface water in the La Salle River Watershed throughout the summer! This work was done as a collaboration between the Watershed Systems Research Program, the LaSalle Redboine conservation District and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. All samples – collected weekly – will be analyzed for nutrients as well as stable water isotopes. Laura and Madison are pictured below at three of the sampling sites near Elie, West of Elie and Sanford.


Best poster award to Adrienne!

We are happy to report that Adrienne (Schmall) won the best poster award at this year’s national conference of the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA). Her poster focused on using electrical conductivity to determine wetland-to-wetland connectivity in the Prairie Pothole Region. Congratulations Adrienne!

2015 Spring Freshet in the Catfish Creek Watershed

Here is a quick update on our work in the Catfish Creek Watershed, near Pine Falls, MB, Canada: Cody Ross, MSc student, is currently conducting dye tracing experiments to assess the relative importance of overland flow and subsurface flow in the establishment of riparian-stream connectivity. The Catfish Creek Watershed is characterized by a near even mix of agricultural and forest land, and it is dominated by a large network of municipal and provincially controlled drains. This watershed is extremely responsive to snowmelt and rainfall events, which makes it a great candidate to conduct this kind of study. Want to see it for yourself? Check out two quick time-lapses compiled from field camera photographs captured at two locations within the watershed: a small stream flowing through a forested riparian area, and a man-made drain flowing through a grassland riparian area.

Grassland Site:

Forested Site:

Our group at the 2015 CWRA national conference

Several members of our group will be reporting on several of our research projects at the 68th national conference of the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) that will take place In Winnipeg between June 2 and June 4, 2015. See the list of oral presentation and posters below:

Oral presentation (presenter highlighted in bold):

Ali, G., Pogorzelec, N., Schmall, A. and Elliott, J.: ‘Nonlinear concentration-discharge relationships: what are the implications for nutrient source management?’

Posters (presenter highlighted in bold):

Haque, A. and Ali, G.: ‘Nutrient dynamics in intact and hydrologically altered wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region’

Petzold, H. and Ali, G.: ‘The runoff Curve Number (CN) method: testing the assumptions of the initial abstraction ratio’

Pogorzelec, N., Haque, A., Penner, A., Petzold, H., Rabie, M. and Ali, G.: ‘Variability of Snow Chemistry Across Prairie Watersheds’

Schmall, A., Ali, G., Haque, A. and Ross, C.: ‘Using electrical conductivity to determine wetland-to-wetland connectivity in the Prairie Pothole Region’

Penner, A. and Ali, G.: ‘Classifying nutrient export dynamics across a nested system of intensively managed Prairie watersheds’

Bansah, S. and Ali, G.: ‘Quantifying fractions of event and pre-event water in Prairie landscapes: a comparative study of two nested watersheds’

Ross, C. and Ali, G.: ‘A decision matrix for choosing adequate water-quality monitoring strategies: case study in a Canadian Prairie watershed’

General information about the conference and how to register/attend can be found here. We hope to see you there.

2015 Campbell Scientific Award for Aminul!!!

We are happy to announce that Aminul (Haque) is this year’s recipient of the Campbell Scientific Best Student Poster Award! This award was given in recognition of the excellent three-page extended abstract as well as the poster that Aminul presented at the 2015 AGU Joint Assembly in Montreal. Congratulations!

Our group at the 2015 AGU Joint Assembly

Two members of our group (Genevieve and Aminul) will be in Montreal next week to talk about two of our ongoing projects in the Catfish Creek Watershed and and Broughton’s Creek Watershed. If you happened to be attending the conference, watch for the following poster and oral presentation:

Poster presentation by Aminul on Tuesday, May 5th, 4:30-6:30pm: Connectivity between wetlands and streams: patterns of phosphorus export in the Prairie Pothole Region (H24F-0250)

Oral presentation by Genevieve on Thursday, May 7th at 11:15am: Scale-classification of water table response in a low-gradient Prairie watershed (H42C-03)

Congratulations Halya!

Halya successfully defended her MSc research work this week. Her thesis, entitled “A combined field data and empirical modeling approach to precipitation-runoff analysis in an agro-forested Prairie watershed”, represented countless hours of fieldwork and as many hours (if not more) of digging through 15-minute hydrometric data to extract relevant patterns of behavior for the Catfish Creek Watershed. Congratulations on work exceptionally well done!!