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Congratulations Halya!

Halya successfully defended her MSc research work this week. Her thesis, entitled “A combined field data and empirical modeling approach to precipitation-runoff analysis in an agro-forested Prairie watershed”, represented countless hours of fieldwork and as many hours (if not more) of digging through 15-minute hydrometric data to extract relevant patterns of behavior for the Catfish Creek Watershed. Congratulations on work exceptionally well done!!

New group members this spring 2015

We did not get a proper snowmelt this spring, but we are excited to see our group expanding within the next few days and weeks:

* Jonathon Belanger will join us as a research associate and help us with many of our research projects and new CFI-funded instruments

* Adrienne Schmall will be working with us for a second summer as an undergraduate research assistant

* Janelle Laing, Aaron Desilets, Matthew Walker and Laura Blunden are new undergraduate research assistants joining our group.

Welcome to all!

Change of status for Cody (Ross)

We are thrilled that Cody Ross, former undergrad research assistant in our group, will be transitioning to a MSc in January 2015. Cody will move away from his Honors thesis work, which focused on optimal sampling strategies for water quality, and rather examine the significance of subsurface flow in the Catfish Creek Watershed through the combined use of soil moisture mapping and dye and isotopic tracers. Stay tuned for more details about his exciting project!

Welcoming new group members this January!

Our group is growing with two PhD students and one research technician joining us this January. Sam Bansah’s PhD will focus on isotope hydrology in the South Tobacco Creek Watershed (Red River Valley, south-centre Manitoba) while Md. Aminul Haque’s PhD will deal with wetland hydrology and biogeochemistry in Broughton’s Creek Watershed (Prairie Pothole Region, south-west Manitoba). Nicole Pogorzelec will also be working with us in the field and in the lab as she is a 4th year environmental science student at the University of Manitoba who will use her winter 2014 term as a co-op work term. Warm welcome to Sam, Aminul and Nicole! And congratulations to Aminul as the recipient of an International Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship (IGSES) from the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) of the University of Manitoba.